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Blackwake (Steam Gift RU+CIS)
АКТИВИРОВАТЬ ИГРУ за 499 руб МОЖНО ТОЛЬКО В РОССИИ !!! а других странах Украина , Беларусь , Казахстан и до СНГ - выбирайте при оплате регион CIS\СНГ +299 руб! ВАЖНО! 4 мая вышло нововведение Steam: ( http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1301948399254001159), Gift теперь поступают на ваш аккаунт нами вручную после покупки Вам нужно указать ссылку на свой Steam аккаунт перед оплатой в поле под ценой товара, мы добавим Вас в друзья и передадим оплаченную игру Данный гифт НЕЛЬЗЯ принять в ИНВЕНТАРЬ, только установить в библиотеку Если у Вас есть вопросы, спросите через форму "Задать вопрос" Не поддерживается русский язык ОБ ЭТОЙ ИГРЕ Пока корабль изгоя терзает шторм, порожденный нескончаемым противостоянием ассасинов и тамплиеров, независимая студия Empire Gate вышла на Kickstarter (куда уж нонче без него) со своим взглядом на морскую тему. От первого лица и многопользовательским.

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ACTIVATE the game can be in the following countries: Russia. IT is IMPORTANT! 4 may left innovation Steam: (http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1301948399254001159), Gift now arrive at your account with us manually after purchase You need to specify a link to your Steam account before payment in the box below the price of the goods, we will add you as a friend and pass paid game if you have any questions, ask via the form "ask a question" This game can be activated only in the accounts of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ta ABOUT THE GAME Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. Broadside or board enemy ships as a crew with intense FPS Naval Combat based in the Age of Sail Man the cannons and fire off coordinated broadsides with other players to sink the opposing ship. You will fight as a crew of up to 16 real players on a ship led by another player that has been voted as captain. Modes can have up to 54 players in a battle! Coordinate and cooperate to be efficient and be a devastating crew If you're part of the crew, you may help the ship in any way you see fit without being forced to a role. You can be the part of the gunnery crew by loading cannons and firing at the enemy, or be the master of repairs and help keep the ship afloat by patching holes in the ship, repairing sails, or pumping out water. Help keep your ship's fire power up by running supplies for your fellow crewman, or even board an enemy ship and conquer it! Lead your crew as the Captain and dominate the opponent or defeat an arch nemesis Issue commands to your crew, keep the coordination flowing as to which side to be at the ready, focusing on repairs or boarding the enemy! You can order which sides of the ship you want loaded with what, and motivate them until victory or death. Captain nominations occur at the start of the round and captain ratings improve or worsen depending on your success or failure. Game modes with variation Ranging from a traditional duel style 1v1 ship deathmatch all the way to a 3v3 deathmatch of various ship sizes, you will be tested as a captain, your coordination with other captains, and as a crew. Weather will change with each round, spanning from a calm day with islands to a heavy storm in the open ocean. More game modes are planned to come in free content updates to make sure things stay interesting! Communication is key There are multiple voice chat channels to keep coordinated, global, crew, faction, and proximity. Tell the powder monkey next to you, to fill yer' crate or the friendly ship's captain to come to your aid. Aside from voice channels there are also crew commands that are extremely helpful to people without microphones. You can expect the crew with the best communication and cooperation to win! Customization as both player and yer Ship Name your ship, change its colors and make it known in tales told. Change your appearance and outfits to display your skill, time played and persistence as a fellow crewman. Developers that are passionate about feedback and are part of the community Since our early development and Kickstarter we've spoken to our players through both discord and in-game chat, taking suggestions and feedback with care in real time. Every suggestion made by our players is truly considered and discussed, and we've been careful to keep in line with the vision we set out to create for Blackwake. The result is a game that we all helped create together and can enjoy together. As long as Blackwake breathes we'll keep her fed with content We want to keep developing Blackwake with FREE additional content to make Blackwake the best possible game it can be. No paid DLC to divide the community or pay to win items to give players who spend more an advantage. We have many more ideas for Blackwake, and we're excited to use them to keep

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Blackwake (Steam Gift RU)
Отправка происходит в автоматическом режиме. После оплаты Вы получите ссылку, по которой сможете активировать товар на свой аккаунт! ТОЛЬКО РОССИЯ | Только на аккаунты где все цены в рублях! Проверить регион: https://store.steampowered.com/account/ Товар отправляется подарком через добавления в друзья. Товар невозможно принять в инвентарь, только установить в библиотеку steam Подробное описание товара и системные требования можно найти в Steam по указанной далее ссылке: http://store.steampowered.com/app/420290 Часть команды – часть корабля! Свистать всех наверх, на горизонте вражеский корабль! На самом деле, вас ждет огромное множество задорных битв на воде! И в ваших силах будет потопить вражеский корабль, либо дерзко взять его на абордаж, оставив команду перед фактом их скорой смерти. Это ваш шанс купить Blackwake и познать дух морских сражений! Та самая эпоха, когда палят пушки, мушкеты и люди лупят друг друга по голове пушечными ядрами, порой элементарно забывая про кинжал на своем поясе. Что ж, у каждого времени свои причуды! Но пусть это вам не помешает победить!

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The game is sent automatically. After payment you will receive a link on which you can activate the game on your account! ONLY RUSSIA | Only for accounts where all prices are in rubles! Check region: https://store.steampowered.com/account/ The game is sent a gift through additions to friends. The game can not be taken into inventory, only installed in the library Description and system requirements you can find in Steam store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/420290 Short item description: Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. Fire the cannons, sink enemy ships or board them with firearms and steel.

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