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Primary topics
•Adobe Captivate

Odds and ends (in no particular order)
A simple script for embedding PDFs in an HTML document, much like SWFObject embeds SWF files.
•Obfuscating email addresses
An attempt to reduce email harvesting by automated spambots
•Simple, ungraded quiz questions with feedback using JavaScript and HTML
A response to a post by Clive Shepherd

•Dealing with iframes and cross-domain security
A simple solution involving a proxy file and some JavaScript. Requires script-level access to both domains.
•Tips for dealing with Internet Explorer in your code
Especially useful for those stuck supporting IE6.

•CustomInput Class
A MooTools-flavored port of the Filament Group’s wonderful customInput jQuery plugin: an accessible, progressive enhancement technique for using custom radio buttons and checkboxes in HTML pages
•Lazy loading excanvas.js
Dynamically load the excanvas.js file in Internet Explorer.

•removeClasses JavaScript utility
Enables dynamic removal of multiple class names on a DOM element
•Image-free progress bars
Look Ma, no Flash! No images, either. 100% JavaScript and Canvas (even works in IE6).
•Custom HTML modal windows
Not happy with your browser’s default dialog boxes? Me, neither.
•A Rectangle class for MooTools
Helps you draw canvas-based rectangles quick and easy.

•JavaScript pop-up blocker detector
I create courses that use popup windows, so having a tiny bit of JavaScript detecting popup blockers seemed like a good idea! The user sees a warning if the popup has been blocked.
•Image rotator based on the time of day
Simple experiment inspired by Google’s personalized iGoogle homepage themes.

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