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3D Space Cadet Pinball
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3D Space Cadet Pinball cheat codes: 
Unlimited balls:
Type bmax at the full screen when the game firsts starts up.

This will work on Windows XP, but not on Windows NT 4.0.
When the above code says "full screen", it does not mean the full screen
when the game starts up. Press [F4] to enter the full screen game mode and
code will work. The extra balls will appear from the yellow wormhole.
Enabling this code will disable high scores from being recorded.

Extra balls:
Type 1max during game play to earn extra balls.

Activate Gravity Well:
Type gmax at the start of the game to activate the Gravity Well.

Complete promotion:
Type rmax during gameplay to instantly complete promotion.
Note: You will not earn points doing this.

More points:
Light up all three lights at the top by going through the slots. The
bumpers will change colors and are worth more points.

When deploying a ball hit it soft so it only goes up to the third light on
far right side. You will get 75,000 points.

To earn points, start a game. When playing a game, send the ball through the
Hyperspace Chute to spin the flag. While it is spinning, start a new game.
That flag will still spin and you will earn some points at the start of
the new game.

Enable the bmax code to keep getting balls when you lose them. You can get a
very high score by doing this. If you do this and get a high enough score,
keep pressing [Bump] so it says "TILT" and you will lose a ball.
Note: You can also use the 1max code after you lose a ball to keep going.
This way, you do not have to tilt the board when you want to quit.
if you restart a bad game when you are going through a wheel door at the
correctly moment, you will get the points for it.
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