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7th Legion
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7th Legion cheat codes: 
Edit cheat
To give yourself an extra boost in 7th Legion, look at the file
called missions.ini in your .\data directory. At the bottom of
each mission profile you see a header called 'PVSTART'. That's your
starting vehicles. Each number there represents how many of a certain
unit you will start with. Be careful when editing this - sometimes
(Usually with machine gunners, as far as I can tell), your map will load
and a fair chunk of your force will blow up. Here are a few of the unit
(Each number I list represents which number 0 on the list, from left to
right. You should have something like 44 numbers there, but don't quote
me on that) 1st zero - Ore Carrier
2 - Ore Truck
3 - Crusader
4 - Oppressor
5 - Crucifier
6 - APC
7 - Faith Hammer
8 - Annihilator
9 - Purifier

17 - Mortar Unit
18 - Priest
19 - Medic
20 - Slaven Rider

34 - Inquisitor AC
35 - Revelator AC
37 - Nova AC
39 - Redeemer AC

Last one is your mobile construction vehicle.

As for the others... Just experiment. You can have any unit you like
by doing this, nomatter what team you are sided with.
An example for any who don't follow:
The original looks like this:
You'd begin the mission with a Crusader tank and an MCV.
Let's spike it..
Now when you begin, you'll have two MCVs (Just in case), the wimpy Crusader
is gone, and you have 7 Purifiers, 4 Redeemers (For that long range fun)
and 8 Revelators (Because they just look so cool). Naturally, you want
to send small attack packs with these guys, since they are pretty well
irreplaceble, and you gotta love those cards..

You can also change your mission goals, the briefing and some other
stuff in that file, though I'd stick to the safe side and just
mess with your units.

***Remember that if you are reloading a saved game after you've edited
the file, you MUST hit escape and go to 'Restart Level' in order for
it to work!!***
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