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Lemonade Tycoon
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Lemonade Tycoon cheat codes: 
Get Easy Money:
Put nothing in your recipe, meaning no sugar, no lemons, and no ice.
Rent suburbs, which costs nothing. The only things you need to buy
are cups and other required normal supplies, and you still need to
advertise. Now people will always buy your lemonade. Custumer satisfaction
will drop, but for some reason your popularity and cash will go up.
You may lose a bit of money in the beginning, but eventually you will
start to make approximately 10 to 15 dollars a day.

Great Tasting Lemonade:
What you do, is you first rent the suburbs. because of the free rent.
Then you leave the price at $1.00 and wait until you have $400.00 and
buy the Ice despenser (previously dont buy any upgrades) then you change
your recipe to 5 lemons, 3 sugar and 3 ice cubes. All your customers
will love your lemonade no matter what time of year it is or what the
wheter is like.
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